Man to Woman: We Want Sex. And you do, too!

No matter how old I get, the same sentiment from disgruntled women is expressed: All guys want is sex.” My response: You’re damn right!

“I only want sex if it’s the only thing you have to offer.” –Dante Nero, Host of The Beige Phillip Show

From time to time, I binge on Black Phillip & Beige Phillip (now Man School 202). Black Phillip was a radio show on Sirius XM(13 episodes now on YouTube) that was hosted by Patrice O’Neal and co-host Dante Nero. The show revolved around male-relationships and how to keep from becoming an abused and worn out man in a relationship. Beige Phillip was the podcast continuation by Dante after Patrice passed away in 2011. Dante was more structured and included tips on what women biologically sought from male suitors. Through his principles & show guests, I learned that interactions with the opposite sex are driven by our desire for sex.

With new knowledge, I reflected on many of the feelings and relationships that I maintained with women. I realized that I rarely befriended women who I didn’t find attractive. It was even more rare that I befriended a woman who I didn’t want to have sex with.

Then I looked to my friends for examples. One of my best friends would call me every day bragging about how great this girl was. That she was smart (she wasn’t), she could cook (she couldn’t), and how great a relationship could be between them (FF 2 years later, it crumbled horribly). He fabricated in his mind who this woman was and they hadn’t even had sex. During their relationship he complained about some of the things we all knew would be wrong. I’d talk to him about it years later, and he’d realized that she as his “type” and that he was attracted to her circumstance (single mother & son, like he and his mom).

“Women have to like you to sleep with you. Men have to like you to sleep with you again.” — Patrice O’Neal, Comedy Legend & Host of Black Phillip Show

Probably the main reason women believe that all men want is sex is because we shame women for being sexually liberated. People advise women to make a guy wait for…reasons? I mean, there are plenty but at the end of the day, neither of us really wants to wait. If I want to have sex with you, I want it now. There’s nothing special to a guy about making him wait. And if he thinks that there is, he’s probably a cuck who’ll eventually let her walk all over him. No man wants to wait. Women get just as aroused but risk waiting in hopes for some special moment or that it’ll make a woman realize how special she is. Why are we both wasting our time?? Let’s get to it!

I recently polled women on Facebook on whether they’d be more upset if a man wasted their time or their sex. The majority voted “Time.” By that logic, I would think having sex on the first date would be the default. We both know what we want upfront. What’s the issue??

As men, we joke about how we have to jerk off before any important decision but there is some seriousness. Thoughts become more clear when we get off. Built-up testosterone kinda makes guys crazy especially if your drive is high. It’s hard to think around “I really want to smash.” However, if a guy likes you, he’ll keep coming back after the first nut. You may have sexual chemistry or real chemistry, but we won’t know until you get sex out of the way.

“Just do it.” — Nike, international shoe brand

Men DO want sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. Women want sex. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Get it out the way so we can move on with our lives.