Cheating is Normal…right?

Floating around social media, I can’t help but to question “Stop normalizing cheating.” If someone makes a choice to be with someone, I believe they should respect the mutually agreed upon boundaries of the relationship. There are people who are good at it, and those who are not. It should be a given that nobody is perfect. In fact, I feel that is the reason that “cheating” is actually very much normal.

We need to break down the statement word-for-word and that’s pretty easy since there are only 3. “Stop” is a common word and for this case, I’m going to go with the definition saying “to cease.” The definition of “normalize” is in the image above. Normalization is to make something common among cultures. The most triggering word is “cheating.” In the mainstream, “cheating”* is used to describe being sexually disloyal to your partner.

So, is “cheating” normal? I say yes. Actually, cheating is one of the most constant acts since humans decided to pair up. People have engaged in sexual acts or emotional connections with people outside of their pair-bond. I don’t think that is debatable. Yes, you can make the commitment but human beings are prone to error. Nobody is perfect ESPECIALLY when it comes to sexual desires and urges. Many of our ancestors and parents had children outside of their commitment. There are diaries and journals that describe affairs, mistresses, and children born out of “cheating.” To this day, many of us cannot claim that we’ve never dealt with cheating. We’ve all personally experienced cheating.

Despite common beliefs, monogamy is not natural, meaning people were not placed on this Earth and automatically looked for a wife. Humans went from nomads who engaged in orgies. Then agriculture and domestication settled them. Men wanted to know their children were theirs and women traded their fidelity for safety and resources. Then, things get ironic as men INSISTED on monogamy(one man, one woman together forever) because the richest men with the most land were collecting wives like baseball cards. And from that point, flawed individuals engaged in commitments of monogamy and fidelity. Asking someone to be exclusively yours sexually and otherwise is an attempt to undo hundreds of thousands of years of DNA builds. It’s not impossible, but it damn near is.

I’m not saying that it’s okay to “cheat.” I don’t condone the violation of trust in a relationship. But we should also trust that it is VERY difficult to resist that primal urge for sexual variety. Set your boundaries with your partner. But be mindful that to err is human.

What else is “cheating” but normal?

*The definition that I use for cheating is inclusive of couples who open their relationship for multiple sexual partners. Clearly, their boundaries are different. For the sake of this blog, I’ll stick with the mainstream understanding.

C+ [Effort]

One of my co-workers has a stalker. He met a beautiful young lady from a dating app and communicated that he was only there for a good time, not a long time. They hooked up and then the stalker behavior began. She became obsessed. She left a voicemail on his phone every day for at least a month. She showed up at his home uninvited. She sent several texts he’s yet to reply to.

Clearly, this woman has some screws loose but she got there somehow. After talking with him and discussing the evidence, I came to the conclusion: he gave her his ‘A-‘ dick. He should’ve given her, AT MOST, ‘B’ dick.

Now, there are levels to it.

  • ‘A’ Dick = You give everything you got. You’re giving her your best stroke, trying to last all night, pulling out every freaky move you know to make her like silly puddy in your hands. You probably even kissed her.
  • ‘B’ dick = You stick to the basics. Oral sex, from the back, missionary, on top, you make sure she gets hers before you get yours and that’s it.
  • ‘C’ dick = It’s good but you don’t quite get her there. You maybe only do 2 positions. She ALMOST gets there but you stop just before.
  • ‘D’ dick = Bad with potential. But she’s probably not gonna find out.
  • ‘F’ dick = Terrible. You can’t find a position that works. No rhythm. She’s probably not even flinching. You probably came before you finished reading this. NEVER GIVE ‘F’ DICK!

It sounds crazy I know. A guy thinks that his dick can make a woman crazy? Absolutely. And it’s been proven time and time again. Most women can’t even deny that they’ve had dick so good that it made them irrational, and not always to stalker levels. Dick so good you’ll start thinking about marriage and having his babies even if it’s just a cuddy buddy.

A few summers ago, I’d got out of a relationship and entered a period of whoredom. I let a young lady know that I wasn’t looking for a relationship. We had a few late night sessions before I decided to try something one night. I’d been doing some research and found a new finger-poppin’ technique. I tried it out on her since I had no one else. She came 3 times, grabbed my hand, looked at me and said, “Don’t ever do that again.” It wasn’t long until she was showing up to my place unannounced and asking me why we never went anywhere together.

And it’s not just me. I’ve heard stories from many men about women who switched up after a smash session. Granted, some of them led the girls on. But that doesn’t speak for all of them.

You can say the same for some men as well. But women already have ingrained that they shouldn’t give it up to just anybody. Men aren’t as selective. But we need to be. You can’t give every woman an orgasm.


Thanks to the algorithm, social climate, and my posts, my social media is filled with commentary on the male-female relationship dynamic. Women take shots at men all the time. Whether it’s about how long we last in bed, the lack of good conversation, men expecting women to take care of them and insults to manhood, women have no issue with vocalizing their dissatisfaction with their options. And as men, we’re expected to take it! We’re expected to listen and change ourselves accordingly to satisfy whatever desire she has.

Then there are unsatisfied men. There are men who are unhappy with their pair options and actions of women they’ve dated. We talk about women who don’t cook, women who show no effort and want to be spoiled, and sometimes we express how the actions of women negatively impact boys & men.

I recently re-posted a status on Facebook. It said:

Black men learn to hate women listening to their mothers gossip on the phone.. I mean black men ain’t in the home.

We learn it from you.

One comment stuck out to me: “Y’all stay looking for a scapegoat. It’s crazy.”

The issues black men and women have run deeper than a phone conversation. You could mention mass incarceration and long-standing grooming from slavery, among other factors. HOWEVER, this does not help. For years, I’ve said that boys have issues with respecting women because they observe their mothers smile in her girlfriend’s face one moment, then hear her talking ish about her on the phone the next. Although he may be a he, and mom may be a she, a child will still imitate his closest example. Aside the 8 hours of school, a child who spends 16 hours around his mother will learn a lot from her.

Are men allowed to hold women accountable? I believe that many things are a man’s fault. Most times, women’s behavior is a direct response of the men in, or out of, her life. Women reject this saying that they’re their own person but when the time comes to take responsibility, it’s never her fault.

Men aren’t looking for scapegoats to alleviate their responsibility.They’re hoping women will some day hold themselves accountable for the roles they play in some of the dysfunction. Oppression didn’t just happen to the men but it’s completely our burden to fix it? I cannot agree with that.

If we are a team, we are a team. Every role has their own responsibilities. BOTH men and women need to identify their contributions to the dysfunction our community experiences so that we may work on fixing them.

Man to Woman: We Want Sex. And you do, too!

No matter how old I get, the same sentiment from disgruntled women is expressed: All guys want is sex.” My response: You’re damn right!

“I only want sex if it’s the only thing you have to offer.” –Dante Nero, Host of The Beige Phillip Show

From time to time, I binge on Black Phillip & Beige Phillip (now Man School 202). Black Phillip was a radio show on Sirius XM(13 episodes now on YouTube) that was hosted by Patrice O’Neal and co-host Dante Nero. The show revolved around male-relationships and how to keep from becoming an abused and worn out man in a relationship. Beige Phillip was the podcast continuation by Dante after Patrice passed away in 2011. Dante was more structured and included tips on what women biologically sought from male suitors. Through his principles & show guests, I learned that interactions with the opposite sex are driven by our desire for sex.

With new knowledge, I reflected on many of the feelings and relationships that I maintained with women. I realized that I rarely befriended women who I didn’t find attractive. It was even more rare that I befriended a woman who I didn’t want to have sex with.

Then I looked to my friends for examples. One of my best friends would call me every day bragging about how great this girl was. That she was smart (she wasn’t), she could cook (she couldn’t), and how great a relationship could be between them (FF 2 years later, it crumbled horribly). He fabricated in his mind who this woman was and they hadn’t even had sex. During their relationship he complained about some of the things we all knew would be wrong. I’d talk to him about it years later, and he’d realized that she as his “type” and that he was attracted to her circumstance (single mother & son, like he and his mom).

“Women have to like you to sleep with you. Men have to like you to sleep with you again.” — Patrice O’Neal, Comedy Legend & Host of Black Phillip Show

Probably the main reason women believe that all men want is sex is because we shame women for being sexually liberated. People advise women to make a guy wait for…reasons? I mean, there are plenty but at the end of the day, neither of us really wants to wait. If I want to have sex with you, I want it now. There’s nothing special to a guy about making him wait. And if he thinks that there is, he’s probably a cuck who’ll eventually let her walk all over him. No man wants to wait. Women get just as aroused but risk waiting in hopes for some special moment or that it’ll make a woman realize how special she is. Why are we both wasting our time?? Let’s get to it!

I recently polled women on Facebook on whether they’d be more upset if a man wasted their time or their sex. The majority voted “Time.” By that logic, I would think having sex on the first date would be the default. We both know what we want upfront. What’s the issue??

As men, we joke about how we have to jerk off before any important decision but there is some seriousness. Thoughts become more clear when we get off. Built-up testosterone kinda makes guys crazy especially if your drive is high. It’s hard to think around “I really want to smash.” However, if a guy likes you, he’ll keep coming back after the first nut. You may have sexual chemistry or real chemistry, but we won’t know until you get sex out of the way.

“Just do it.” — Nike, international shoe brand

Men DO want sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. Women want sex. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Get it out the way so we can move on with our lives.

My Therapist Saved My Life

A while ago, I recorded an IG live regarding some mental health issues I was dealing with. The issue stemmed from issues with low testosterone. I went to my therapist to talk about my low sex drive and after a couple of leading questions, she said to go to the doctor to make sure it’s not physical before she probes anything mental.

I was constantly moody, didn’t know how I’d feel day-to-day. I was depressed. Doc passed, I saw a fresh dead body, and i couldn’t stop thinking about my own mortality. I was mean when I didn’t mean to be. I’d go out with friends and be antisocial and ready to go as soon as I got there. I’d constantly battle on social media and getting in my feelings about it. I couldn’t let things go. And I thought it was all because I wasn’t sleeping. Then football season ended and I experienced the same things when I had adequate sleep. I couldn’t take anymore because I wasn’t getting better. I was on the road to harming myself. This had been going on for at least a year. That’s when I decided to see a therapist.

Turns out my testosterone was stupid low. My doctor and the urologist both gave me props. They told me most guys would be in bed with no desire for ANYTHING and I was busy all the time despite wanting to stay inside all the time.

The urologist referred me to an endocrinologist who found, through MRI, that I had what she called a “benign micro-tumor” called a “prolactinoma” on my pituitary causing my brain to produce more prolactin(the hormone that makes women produce milk…yes i would’ve eventually started lactating) and essentially prevented regular testosterone production.

I started on treatment in August and I feel better than I have in at least 2 years. I’m not completely back to normal but I can feel a difference.

Fellas, if you’re feeling different, go get checked out. Ladies, if your man is changing, it might not be you. My therapist saved my life.


6 Female Debate Tactics

If you follow me on social media, especially for the last 2 years, you have seen that I engage in debates almost daily. The topics span from small things like music to more personal topics like male-female relationships. Women often engage in these debates. And with practice, you learn your enemy. The following 6 tactics are based on observations of women during debates. This is also where women tend to indirectly admit defeat in an argument. Read, recognize, react.

#1Accuse him of too getting emotional.

Ex. “Why are you raising your voice?”

“Calm down. Why are you getting so angry?”

Guys, she can’t match your aggression so she will attempt to get you to turn it down. DON’T BACK DOWN. If you do, she wins. If you’re mad, stay mad but explain your frustration. That way you work in that whole processing emotions thing too.

#2 Bring up exceptions.

Ex. “That’s not everybody”

“I don’t do that.”

“What about [insert exception]?”

Men are natural hunters and we make observations. We make generalizations to move the narrative. What does that mean? We speak in general because if we addressed every exception to the rule, we’d be here all day. Women like to make the exceptions the rule but NUMBERS don’t lie and field research matters. Don’t let her tell you what you see isn’t valid.

#3Change the topic.

Ex. YOU – Grass is green.

HER – Okay but what about elephants?

Usually, she pulls this out when you’re right. She won’t admit to it so she’ll try her hardest to find something you can be wrong about. Don’t let her dictate the conversation. You’ll forget about the great point you just made, keeping your confidence down. Know your worth, King!

#4Accuse him of having a grudge against women.

Ex. “Do you hate women??”

“Who hurt you??”

When acknowledging some negative behaviors in women, men will be accused of having a grudge against women. Again, she is trying to find a reason to dismiss whatever you say. Even if true, NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE the claim. They’ll bring up the women in your family but remember that a soldier is to date your family too. As far as your past, we all learn from mistakes. Let’s not act like women don’t either. It’s the same thing as her saying “All these n****s do is ________.”

#5Make It Personal

Ex. “This is just how I feel. I can only speak for me.”

“Well how do YOU feel about it?…that’s just your opinion.”

Similar to #2, HOWEVER she will use this when your logic and generalizations are starting to make sense but she doesn’t want to break. A woman’s logic is tied to the emotions she has in the moment. If she says your right but it still feels wrong, she will try to end it by making it specifically about you or specifically about her.

#6Dismiss His Example

Ex. “What? That doesn’t make sense. That’s not the same thing.”

Not so much a tactic as much as it is in her nature. If you use an example, be able to explain how it applies to the situation. True wisdom is the recognition of underlying concepts and applying them to situations that seem irrelevant but are really not.

For whomever decides to engage in argument or debate with women, keep these things in mind. It’ll keep you from losing your cool. Like with any sport, when you keep a level head and know what’s coming, you’ll fare better in your challenge.

You’re welcome!



I’m not a misogynist. I’m a man-ist.



For the most part, people on social media. Nobody says anything to my face anymore.  My conversations and Facebook statuses give people the impression that I’m a misogynist. What have I been saying?

Black men don’t cheat.

Ladies, you know how to GET a man but how do/would you keep a man?

Monogamy isn’t natural. It’s in a man’s nature to spread his seed.

God gave men the ability to rapidly reproduce.  The world’s female to male ratio is 4 to 1. God doesn’t make mistakes.

As a man, I have to work for you to be attracted to me. I have to have something about me that draws you.

I’ve reposted articles, statuses, and videos that gave, what I felt is, an honest male perspective and explained differences between the minds of men and women. More often than not, I’d receive 1 of 3 replies from women:

  1. Who hurt you?
  2. Women can ___________ too.
  3. Are you sure you’re not gay?

None of these bothered me. One, everybody has been hurt by somebody. Men hold onto their hurt longer than women. Two, I’m not gay. Three, I believe that women can do anything that they want, however, there are fundamental differences between the sexes.

When I discuss male-female interactions, I accept that men have flaws and we act in ways that hurt women. The labels come when I start telling women how their actions negatively impact men. Let’s just say that replies are rarely, “Hmm. I see your point.” My logic combined with my verbal abilities tend to provoke the emotions of many women and there is when I get the 3 replies.


Not at all. I love women. Some of my favorite people are women. My mother is a woman. I’m a very objective person and have difficulties dealing with emotions. That’s where the clash happens.


Rarely is my goal to actually upset someone. People who know me understand that I’m harmless and mean no malicious intent. It just so happens that my views differ from societal norms and I challenge people to think outside of the norm. I don’t always do it to change people’s minds. I do it to learn for myself…if you can beat my logic of course.


My perspective comes from life experiences, on the inside and the outside. I’ve been actively dating since I was 17. I’ve been played, used, and mentally abused. And again, who hasn’t? I’ve taken those experiences and learned to look for warning signs and patterns. Also, from 21-26 I was single (I had “relationships” but they weren’t going far and we knew it). During that period, I was able to look at dating from the outside. I was able to look at relationships objectively because, frankly, they weren’t my relationships. I still dated but nothing serious. I learned from that as well.


  1. Monogamy isn’t natural but it’s not impossible. Infidelity has been apart of the world since the beginning of time. It’s not going anywhere and I think it’s pointless to fight it AND get upset about it.
  2. Women want double standards when it’s convenient. Men act like the double standards are laws.
  3. The communication between men and women needs to improve. People talk and people listen but the understanding is missing.
  4. Couples should never take monogamy for granted. They should have an honest discussion in the beginning of the relationship about their sex drives AND their expectations of one another.